PMA Silicon Free Resin Ribbon



This is a custom designed Silicon Free Resin ribbons produced on a clean line in a controlled environment. The result is a silicon free resin ribbon specially designed to meet the standards for clean room and critical environment manufacturing. PMA Silicon Free Resin ribbons do not sacrifice print durability, producing a dark high resolution scratch resistance image. Suitable for small text and 2D barcodes.

Product Details

  • FTIR/ATR test on non volatile residues extraction, no silicone present
  • Clean room and Critical environment compatible
  • Silicone free packaged on cleanroom P.E.cores
  • Anti-static back coat, extending print head life
  • Durable, scratch resistance imaging
  • High resolution for clean dark images
  • Highest level of resistance to abrasion, heat, steam, and various chemicals eg. I.P.A.
  • Optional double cleanroom packaging available
  • REACH and ROHS approved


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