Gamma Sterilization Indicator



PMA's Gamma / E-beam sterilization indicators are designed to use as a qualitative process indicator (Class 1) for Gamma / E beam sterilization operating at 20 kGy with increased color density up to 60 kGy of Cobalt 60 irradiation.

The indicator ink will change color from yellow to red to distinguish Gamma / E-beam exposed products from non-exposed products. PMA's Gamma Indicator Labels meet the performance specification in lSO 11140-1 "Sterilization of Health Care Products - Chemical Indicators - Part 1: General Requirements," Section 6 for Class 1 Process Indicators.


  • Consistent color change on a uniform label from Yellow to Red.
  • The product was independently validated in a recognized and certified Gamma plant.
  • The chemistry and product ranges have been completely developed in house.
  • Labels manufactured with lamination to provide excellent chemical resistance and minimum environmental impacts.

Packaging Features

  • Aluminum foil airtight zip lock bag.
  • Keeping out of sunlight, daylight, UV light, Fluorescent light and maintain in temperature condition
  • Recyclable and reusable bag.


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